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Hi guys, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been following Matt’s work and decided to purchase this course to deepen my knowledge in SEO and Digital Marketing overall. I was a self-starter and was mostly learning by doing stuff therefore had a couple of successes and failures along the path.

I am based in Toronto and work as an SEO Supervisor in one of the biggest media companies – Omnicom Media Group.

In my spare time I’m playing with affiliate websites but didn’t reach the levels I wanna reach and constantly looking for ways to improve. Also, I think I’m not very good at hiring people so hoping this course would help me become better at this.

From time to time I do freelance SEO consulting so I’ve been exposed to many niches and know some tips & tricks that I can share later on in this group.

Last year I was invited to teach an SEO course in one of the best Toronto colleges and seems like it worked well too so anyone in need to hear or learn from my story – ping me up.

Really excited to start this course and get to know more of you folks. Also, planning to start my own SEO/digital podcast to uncover more untapped stories and share back with the community the knowledge gained throughout the years. If you have a story you want to share feel free to reach out in DMs.