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How to properly clean the chinchilla cage setup?

Like other animals, the care of chinchillas also require you spend your time to cleaning up their cage. Even you created the best chinchilla cage setup with all the essential things your chinchillas need and purchase on the high quality accessories, but chinchilla re messy and if you do not keep their living space clean, they cannot live a long happy life in enclosure.

A clean cage will keep your chinchilla healthy and prevent unpleasant odor. This post below are some steps you should follow to keep chinchilla cage in good shape.

#1 Cleaning the cage daily

Every day, you should check the condition of chinchilla bedding in enclosure. If you are notice the wet, soiled part or any dropping that appear in the bedding, doing spot-clean the bedding. Add more bedding if needed.

There is the tip that you can place a litter box in corner of the cage, if you chinchillas want to use it, this can make daily cleaning a lot easier.

The other task of daily cleaning chinchilla cage is clean and refill water bottle and food bowl. Once a day, clean the water bottle and food bowl thoroughly in hot, soapy water or dishwasher.

And then wait until it dry and put it back into the cage. It will helps reduces the risk of bacterial contamination.

You also should remove and refill the water bottle and food dish after 24 hours. So that ensure your chinchillas always have fresh food and clean water to drink.

#2 Cleaning the cage weekly

At least once a week, disinfect your chinchilla’s cage. Remove your chinchilla and everything from the cage and disinfect it thoroughly. After cleaning, let them dry completely before placing back the all the cage accessories. Disinfection will prevents bacteria from growing and spreading in your chinchilla’s cage

Completely empty and refill the bedding to promote the chinchilla health and also help control odor inside the cage.

Toys and other item in the cage such as exercise wheel also should be clean with warm water and soap.

Check the chew toys and if there is any broken part, you should replace it immediately to prevent your chinchillas chew and swallow it.

#3 Cleaning the cage monthly

Aside from disinfect your chinchilla’s cage, once a month you also should Vacuum the area around the cage. Since there are some pieces of bedding that contain bacteria may get loose around the cage.

You also can rearrange the setup of the cage when place back the equipment. New setup cage may make your chinchillas more happy and active.