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What are the best heavy duty puppy crates for training?

One of the biggest challenges new puppy owners face is prevent their pet from destroy the cage. I know that there are some bad-behaved puppies, who like to chew on things or find the way to escape from their crate all the time. In this case, the best crates for puppy training must be the one that made from metal of very strong plastic.

You will find the crates at varies level of durability out there on the market. And if you want to ensure the safety and security of your puppies, it is better to option for a heavy duty crates that is built like tanks on the list below.

#1 SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage

If you have tried many sturdy dog crates before but nothing is strong enough to keep your puppy contained, this heavy duty puppy crate can be the solution for you. It is contracted from commercial-quality steel, even the most destructive of puppies cannot destroy and escape from this crate. It is built with ¾” frame and reinforced with ½” diameter welded steel tubes.

This full access crate features with top doors and front doors. The for rolling casters make it easier to move, which is very useful for the heavy crate. It is coated with multi-layer hammer-tone that resists rust and corrosion.

At the bottom, it is equipped with the removable tray, which is rust resistant and help maintain the clean enclosure for puppies.

#2 Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

It can be difficult task if you want to go travel or camping with a destructive puppy. You will have to fine a heavy duty portable crate, which will ensure your dog cannot escape from it while also need to be lightweight for easy carrying. Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier may be what you look for as it features 4 way vault door, prevent the crate from sliding and shifting while moving.

It has a durable and heavy duty construction thanks to the dyrable plastic material and extra-trong steel wire. Not only that, it comes with interlocking door, 360-degree ventilation and the handle on top. The Petmate Sky Kennel meets most requirements of airline.

#3 Impact Collapsible, Durable Aluminum Dog Crate

You puppies will have the hard time trying to break out of this aluminium dog crate from Impact. This heavy duty cage made from rust-resistant powder-coated .063 aluminum, what make it extremely durable and much lighter than other heavy duty models.

The outstanding point of this crate is that it is collapsible, meaning it can be assemble and taken apart in just a minute for easy transport.

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