What are the best covered cages for hamster?

When it comes to the best hamster habitat, they are available in various of design, brands, features and also materials. Although wire cages are the most popular hamster cages. However, there are some reasons that make covered cages are the favourite cages that I have been used for a few years.

The main reason is that the covered cages will protect your hamster safer from other household pets. Also, there is no bar for the hamster to chew on and easier to clean than wire cages.

#1 Habitrail OVO Home Edition Hamster Cage, Blue

It is not only a hamster cage but also a decoration for your house. OVO hamster cage lôk like a spaceship. Although it is made of 100% plastic, it features air vents on the top, which ensure plenty air circulation while preventing drafts.

It includes three parts, the bigges in the middle is the main living room, and two smaller parts on sides are the exercise wheel on one part and bedroom with a water bottle on the other.

The top sliding door make it easier for you to access your hamster and quickly clean the cage. Rounded corners design help prevent your pets chew on the cage.

#2 Ferplast Combi 1 Hamsters and Small Rodents Cage

If you are worry about the ventilation issus of most covered cages, then you can go with this combination cage. It is the wire top cage with the security of a covered cage. This cage is also quite large with the dimenstions are 40,5 x 29,5 x 22,5 cm.

It is also are play area for you hamster as it is designed with the tubes to connectto other habitats. It includes almost all you need for your hamster such as water and food bowl, wheel, tubes, ect. The deep base bottom and the upper part can be assembled for easier cleaning.

#3 Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mouse Home

It also includes integrated wired roof for well ventilation. If you do not want your hamster will mess up the room when they burrowing in the substrate, you should use this cage. It features a solid base bottom, which provide plenty of room and also depthe enough that allow you to add a think layer of bedding.

It comes with 2 shelves, laddersm wheel, food bowl, watter bottle.

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