What do you need in hermit crab habitat?

Hermit crabs are sensitive animals, but under proper care with appropriate temperature and humidity, they can live a long live. If you want to keep hermit crabs, it is better to spend your time figure out the best hermit crab habitat.

Just like any household pets, hermit crabs also require the right type of tank, substrate, decor, and food to be survival. If you have no ideal about what exactly you need to purchase on for your new pets, you can consider my list of items below. Here are what I would like recommend for a new hermit crabs owner.

#1 Tank

Since hermit crabs need a warm, humid environment to survive, the best tank for maintaining these conditions should be either a glass or plastic tank. It is recommended to provide a 10 gallons aquarium for several crabs. It is obvious that you always can go with the bigger tank.

Exo Terra All Glass Terrarium is what I have been used to keep my crabs for such a long time. As the name suggested, this tank is constructed from all glass. It features the wire mesh top, which allow you to place heat bulb and UVB bulb.

Not only that, it comes with the raised bottom, where you can place the substrate heater. What I like about this tank is the high fixed front panel, you can add a thick layer of substrate at the bottom. It is a rock background, which not only add the natural appear for the cage but also helps hiding the running cords and tubing. Thanks to the hinged doors on the front, you can easy reach any area of the tank for cleaning and feeding.

#2 Substrate

Sand is the best substrate for hermit crabs because it creates something like it’s natural habitat and they love to burrow down deep in to the sand. You will need to provide them with quite deep layer of substrate to allow them to dig and bury themselves. Even the small hermit crabs require at least 6 inches substrate.

My favourite substrate for hermit crabs is Fluker’s All Natural Premium Sand Substrate Mixture for Hermit Crabs.

Unlike most sand products that often incudes calcium carbonate out there, this sand from Fluker is made from coconut fiber, silica sand, calcium carbonate, sea salt, and a natural probiotic. These materials are what hermit crabs can get and accept in their natural environment. The coconut fiber help retain water and also maintain the humidity for the cage Hermit crabs love to dig into the moist sands. Probiotic has been introduced to create good bacteria, helps to keep the substrate clean and require less frequent to be clean.

#3 Food

Providing your hermit crabs with the healthy and delicious food will ensure that they live the happy and long life. Even the picky hermit crabs will live to eat JurassiDiet Hermit Crab Food. This is the high quality food for hermit crabs that only contains nutritious ingredients. There are no any corn or soy or other fillers in this food.

It provides protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals for hermit crabs. It helps the crabs stronger and boosts their immune system. Besides, it features probiotics that can aid in digestion, so your crabs can easily digest this food. However, the only drawback of this food is it is a bit expensive.

#4 Décor

Apart from these essential items for the hermit crabs in the captivity also require décor and accessories in the cage to enrich their habitat. Hermit crabs like to climb, so you should give them soothing to support their climbing behaviours, Branches, half logs, driftwood, caves, etc. are the items you can easy find in the pet store. Fake plants are also the good addition to create the hind place and also add the natural appear for the tank.

Additionally, hermit crabs need food and water bowls. It is better to give them a large water bowl. This is because they not only drink water, hermit crabs also love to soak themselves in the water and the large water bowl also help increase the humidity levels in the tank. The bowl should not have too high sides, so the crabs can easily get in and out of the bowl.

If you own several crabs, you should place multiple food bowl in the tank to ensure all of them have enough food. Ensure the bowls are heavy enough so that the crabs cannot tip the bowls.

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