What are the best tunnel toys for rat?

As a rats parent, providing good cage, food and water is not enough for your pets. They also should be enriched their captivity environment with best rat toys. This is because rats are active intelligent animals and toys are the best way to encourage exercise and mental stimulation while keep your rat safe in their cage.

Rats love running through the tunnels, some of them even prefer to stay hidden inside tunnel. Not only a hidden place, tunnel also can provide a good entertainment for your pet. There are variety types of tunnel available on the market. Here’s a list of some best tunnel for your pet hamster.

#1 Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels, Colors Vary

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels is the long tube that can provide your rat with a new experience in a tunnel system. What I like about this tube is its unique construction, this does not come in a form of one straight route. Instead, Flex-E Fun-nels are flexible form.

You can freely bend and twist the tunnel as your need in different form, what can make the new explore for your pets. But only that, the tunnel also be shorten or lengthen. When it is maximum extended, one tunnel can reach the length of eight feet. But you can make it longer by connecting some tunnels together.

This product comes from FerreTrail Series. Due to that, it can be linked with any other product in this series by using a FerreTrail connector ring. So, you just need to purchase on a few options in this series and you can create a whole playground for your rat. You can constantly mix and match and create a new playground and let your rat has a new environment to explore every day.

However, it also comes with the drawback that your rats can chew on it and make holes on this tunnel. It is not made of durable material enough to resist chewing. So, it is not the good options for bad behaviors rat, who love to gnaw on everything.

#2 Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel, Colors Vary

This tunnel is not only a great toy for rats, it comes with many benefits. Aside from being a great hideaway for your rats, it also keeps your pets entertained and get rid of boredom. There is a crinkle paper inside the tunnel. When your rats go through it, the tunnel will create a interesting noise. Rats will be attracted by the noise, and will love to run through the tunnels to listen the crinkles.

This tunnel measure 6 inches diameter and is 23 inches long. It will ensure that you rats do not be caught inside the tunnel and large enough to provide plenty of space to run while still compact to fit in your cage. The diameter is small enough to make the rats feel cozy and safe inside. This tunnel is machine washable, making it easy to clean.

What I like most about this tunnel is that it can be able to connect to other tunnels. If you want to but a tunnel system for your pet to explore, you can buy multiple tunnels and link them together. To encourage exploration, you can place a bite of treat at the end of the tunnel.

#3 Boredom Breaker Shred-a-Log Corrunded Tunnel

If you are looking for the budget tunnel available, you should never skip this one. At the first sight, it seems to be just a simple tube, which is designed to mimic a log, but for a rat this tunnel can be a shelter, an activity centre and also a thing to wear down his teeth.

Since this tunnel is made from cardboard, it has a low cost and can be recyclable. However, it can be a hazard for a rat who keen to explore and nibble it. It is recommended to allow your rats to play with it for a toy for a while, and then take it out of the cage before your pet tear it into small pieces.

But you can totally rest your mind that the material of this tunnel is 100% safe and non-toxic. Even if the rat shreds it, the tunnel has no sharp edges, which can harm your pet. It is even good for the rats if they shred it as it will helps keep wear down your pet teeth and good for their dental health. After being shredded, the cardboard pieces might even can be used as bedding for rats.

Not only encourage chewing, running activity, for some rats, the tunnel is just a safe, peace and quiet place to take a short nap. Besides providing your rats a chance to promote their physical and mental health, it is also important to provide them a place to feel safe, relax, and escape when they are stress, the tunnel is a perfect place for these.

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