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What are the interactive toys to bond with your rats?

Rats are active, intelligent animals. They love to play and require exercise and mental stimulation for optimal health. It is a great ideal choose the toys that you and your rats can enjoy and play together.

Providing best rats toy is not only give your pets a change to entertain, being healthy and active but also a great way to add interest to the time you spend together. Rats are highly social and curious animals, if you feed them, cuddles and give them toys, they are going to love you for it.

#1 Making a maze

Rats are great at solving mazes and love to burrow, so an excellent toy for time out the cage is a tube maze, you can give them a maze of pathways and tunnels on a floor or a bed. You just need to make sure that the maze is large enough diameter to prevent the rats from becoming stuck in the maze.

You can leave them to explore it for themselves, or you can encourage and play with them with your hand. You can hide treats in the mazes to reward your rats for exploring.

#2 Treasures in a digging box

Rats love to collect and hind precious things they have. You can give them a digging box, where they can burrow into. I always have a few digging boxes around, filled with a combination of substrate (ensure that it safe for rats), shredded paper and cardboard, and even old paper bags. Then you burying treats in this digging box and allow your rats to dig and find the treats.

Another good game is to show the rat a treat and then hide it in your hand, or your clothes, so they will search for it.

#3 Clicker training

Training your rats can be an excellent bonding game. You can train them to return to their cage by a clicker (the same kind that is sold for cats and dogs) and some rewards. Clicking every time you feed them, regardless of whether they are out of the cage, or sitting near by the bowl. That way they learn to associate the noise of clicker and food.

As well as training rats to come when clicking, you can teach them some other tricks such as moving towards you, climbing your leg. When trying to train your rats it is important to be patient.