What are the best plastic tub enclosures for tortoises?

If you are keeping a hatching or small breed of tortoise or if you are looking for a cage to quarantine a sick tortoise, I would like recommend you to use plastic tub enclosure. The plastic tub can be the best tortoise enclosure to use in the dry place since plastic tubs are excellent at maintain high humidity.

Not only that, most plastic rubs for tortoises are opaque, that means they would not stress the tortoise out like what glass enclosures do. For these reasons, plastic tubs are the good options you should consider to house your tortoises.

#1 Ocamo Professional Reptile Tortoise Vivarium

This enclosure includes all those things tortoises would need as it mimics their natural environment. It is designed with 5 small areas: a swimming area, basking platform, a feeding trough, a docking ramp area, and a breeding hibernation area. The special thing of this cage that make it different from others is that it provides a small swimming pool, give tortoises a change to soak in whenever they want.

Its semi-transparent design with uncovered top, allow your pets to enjoy the sun. Ocamo tortoise habitat made from high quality, durable, non-toxic, that means you can rest your mind as this plastic is safe and sturdy to use in a long time.

#2 Rubbermaid structural foam stock tank

This enclosure can be good for both turtle and tortoise. The outstanding points of this product are that this is larger than other plastic tubs, easy to clean and durable. It comes with 4 sizes from 50 to 300 gallons. It is ideal for who want to keep big breed of tortoise of keep more than one tortoise.

I would like to recommend 100 gallons models for tortoises as it provide enough floor space for them while it’s not as deep as the other models of this product.

#3 Tuff Stuff Products Oval Tank 40 gallons

My favourites feature from this oval tank is that it is 100% made from LDPE flexible, what make it which rubber-like quality. Due to this, it is impact resistant. This heavy-duty tub is also recycled product. The downside is that this oval tub is 40-gallons, not too big. However, the size of this tubs will make the tortoises feel safer.

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