Phen375 Diet Pill Review: Benefits, Ingredients And Side Effects

phen375 review

Few things are as frustrating as doling out your hard earned money on a diet pill only to have it do nothing but give you a little buzzy feeling and lighten your bank account. With the plethora of half-baked weight loss products on the market today sometimes it seems like you have to be part psychic, part Indiana Jones to find one that will actually do what the marketing says it will. Well, if you’re tired of broken promises and disappointing results, if you’re tired of getting on the scale after weeks taking a ‘sure thing’ diet pill only to see no change and if you’re ready to finally lose that unwanted weight and keep it off, then Phen375 diet pills are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

Look, they’ve sent men to the moon, there are robotic cars driving around on Mars as you read this and anyone in any corner of the world can communicate with anyone else anywhere else in the world instantaneously, so why can’t someone come up with a diet pill that works? The short answer is, they have. It’s just tough to see the forest for the trees these days with all the phonies on the market. Phen375 is that real thing and here are some of the things satisfied customers are saying about it.

“The best diet pill I’ve ever taken. I lost more than 25 pounds in less than 2 months. I look better, feel better and have a lot more energy than I have had in years.” James – Chicago, USA

“I can’t believe I found something that actually works. I was ready to throw in the towel until a friend told me about Phen375. I’ll never use anything else. Thanks Phen375!” Marissa – Seattle, USA

“Don’t tell me all diet pills are the same because, unlike everything else I’ve ever tried, Phen375 actually works. Spread the word!” Hideo – Vancouver, Canada

So What Exactly is Phen375?

We’ve heard Phen or Phentemine 375 talked about as an “extreme option” for weight loss but that’s not the experience we had when taking this product for a test run. Rather than an “extreme” option it would in fact be more accurate to describe Phen375 as an “effective” option. We can understand why some might consider it extreme though, because if you’re used to diet pills that don’t do anything and suddenly you find one that may help you lose 10 pounds a month or more, that’s going to seem pretty extreme.

We found Phen375 to be both effective and safe with none of the nasty side effects that can accompany less thoughtfully made weight loss products. But we’ll get into that in more detail below.

The reality is that this may be the best non-prescription weight loss pill we’ve ever tested. If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping if off this could be the smartest money you’ll ever spend. Phen375’s ability to safely increase metabolism, suppress the appetite and burn through fat is simply unmatched. The fact that Phen375 is produced in an FDA registered pharmaceutical laboratory also means you can be sure the product is made from safe, high-quality ingredients that have stood up to rigorous testing and compliance regulations. There’s no reason to worry about using this particular diet pill. As long as you do so in accordance with directions and in concert with some minor dietary modifications and a program of exercise, you should see significant positive results in short order.

How Does Phen375 Take off Weight and Keep it Off?

Most diet pills don’t work. So how has Phen375 managed to succeed where so many others have failed repeatedly? The answer is that Phen375 is at the heart of a weight reduction process that, when implemented as suggested, attacks both the root causes of weight gain and the mechanisms that result in lost weight returning down the line. The scientists and dieticians who formulated Phen375 are all top experts in their fields and were brought together specifically to help crack the weight loss case as it were. And did they ever. As alluded to above, Phen375 takes a multi-pronged approach to weight loss that focuses on these primary areas of concern:

  • Burning Fat in an Effective Manner: Some weight loss pills claim to ‘melt away’ the fat through some miraculous process involving mystic healers and never before heard of chemical processes. The fact is they don’t melt away anything. There’s only one way to get rid of fat and that is by converting it into useful energy. This is done by increasing metabolism and reducing caloric intake. Phen375’s combination of ingredients gently but significantly increase metabolism. This action then prompts the body to call up energy reserves or what we typically call “fat”. These reserves are then pressed into action and the result is visible both in the mirror and when you step on the scale.
  • Suppressing Your Appetite: Trimethylxanthine and other ingredients in Phen375 act as powerful appetite suppressants that not only help you lose unwanted weight, but keep it off. The main reason people experience the weight loss roller coaster is that they’re unable to control their appetite after they’ve taken off weight. Phen375’s thermogenic properties let you lose weight in a fast but controlled manner and then keep your appetite in check so that the lost weight stays lost. When used in conjunction with simple dietary modifications and regular exercise your weight issues will become nothing more than an unpleasant memory.

That all sounds very well and good but does it do what the manufacturer says it will? Well let’s see what some more Phen375 real reviews from satisfied customers say:

“Phen375 is by far the best diet pill I’ve ever used. After 4 months I’ve lost 55 pounds and have had no problem keeping the weight off.” Susan – Bangor, Maine USA

“They say there are no miracles in this life but Phen375 might be pretty close. I lost my ‘spare tire’ in just over 2 months and 6 months later it’s still gone. Pretty amazing.” Kyle – Augusta, Georgia USA

“I highly recommend this product to anyone who’s struggling with their weight. My mom used it first and lost 30+ pounds and so I thought I’d give it a try and lost 20 pounds myself in about 6 weeks.” Maria – Houston, USA

Phen375 Reviews and Side Effects

This is where we thought we were going to nail Phen375 to the wall because surely no diet pill that worked so effectively could do so without creating some hellacious side effects. Right? Well, as it turned out we were wrong about that. Any side effects experienced while using Phen375 were on par with those we experienced with other weight loss pills and actually milder than most. Probably because this product is not simply a dose of caffeine and a bunch of cheap, harmful fillers. The side effects we did observe included:

  • Minor lightheadedness on some occasions.
  • Occasionally restive sleep.

And that’s it. As we said, we were expecting there might be some significant side effects but they never materialized. That, when combined with Phen375’s overall effectiveness is enough to recommend this particular diet pill. But we’re not done yet.

“Phen375 changed my life. I was afraid I’d never take off the weight I gained while pregnant but Phen375 did the trick. Definitely recommend!” Pauline – Melbourne, Australia

How About Those Ingredients

The ingredients chosen for Phen375 create a physiological synergy that is unmatched by any other diet pill on the market. Working together, they’re the perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts because while each has proven its effectiveness over time in various ways, when brought together they feed off one another creating value-added relationships we were frankly taken aback by. Those ingredients include:

  • Trimethylxanthine: Trimethylxanthine has been shown in numerous tests to suppress the appetite without producing harmful side effects. It works with your system to neutralize hunger pangs which is crucial to both losing weight and keeping it off.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia: Some weight loss pills will not only attack fat but muscle, as well, meaning that you may not only wind up lighter but weaker to boot. Eurycoma Longifolia helps you retain muscle mass so that when the fat deposits have been eliminated your naturally toned physique has a chance to finally shine.
  • L-Carnitine: This ingredient plays a key role in burning off excess calories before they can be converted into fat. Without it you’d have a much more difficult time trying to keep the weight off once you lose it.
  • Capsaicin: Capsaicin helps raise the body’s core temperature which aids in the metabolizing of fats and the burning of otherwise useless calories that would otherwise become part of the problem.
  • Dimethyl Pentylamine: This interesting addition to the Phen375 ingredient list works hand in hand with Capsaicin in helping prevent your body from turning calories into unwanted fat.
  • Sympathomimetic Amine: Helps elevate your metabolic rate so that your body turns to available fat stores for energy. The converted fat is then burned off.

While it’s true that some of the ingredients in Phen375 can be found in other diet pills the proprietary mixture used here allows them to leverage each other in a symbiotic way that attacks the root causes of fat creation and retention.

“It’s amazing that more people don’t know about Phen375. It’s nothing short of the best diet pill I’ve ever found. Do yourself a favor. Try it.” Malik – Saint Louis, USA

The Pros and Cons of Phen375

We know that Phen375 increases the metabolic rate naturally and that by doing so it helps turn fat stores into usable energy. It also suppresses appetite which helps both in losing weight and, just as importantly, in keeping it off. So let’s take a minute before we go any further to examine what we know to be the pros and cons of this incredible weight loss product.


  • It works: There isn’t much more to say on this subject. Phen375 does what it says it will if you use it as directed. Nuff said.
  • No tricks involved: You won’t have to stand on your head or join a cult or chant every morning to enjoy the benefits of Phen375. Take it as directed, exercise a few times a week and watch what you eat and you’re good to go.
  • Only modest exercise required: While you’ll be advised to incorporate exercise into your weight loss and weight maintenance regime you won’t need to spend long hours at the gym. A half hour of moderate exercise a few times a week should suffice. If you want to do more than that it certainly won’t hurt but you shouldn’t have to.
  • Higher energy levels: Typically as people age or become more sedentary due to job constraints changes within them happen so slowly they don’t realize their energy level is a fraction of what it once was. Phen375 will help them regain lost energy levels.
  • Lower cholesterol levels: While this isn’t a guaranteed result it does occur in enough people who take Phen375 to be statistically relevant.
  • Manufactured in the USA: Many drugs, supplements and diet pills today are manufactured overseas in order to get around strict US FDA regulations designed to protect people from dangerous or unproven ingredients. Phen375 is proudly made in the USA in an FDA certified pharmaceutical lab.

One of the most important effects you’ll notice from Phen375 is an enhanced ability to control your appetite. This is crucial in keeping weight off. Incorporating exercise and moderate dietary modifications means that when you stop using Phen375 you should have new habits in place that will serve you well going forward.


  • Price: Phen375 is not the cheapest diet pill on the market because it’s formulated to work and produced using only high quality FDA approved ingredients. Sure you can get cheaper diet pills made overseas, but when it comes to diet pills you’ll pretty much get what you pay for.
  • It may not be for everyone: Talk to your doctor if you experience any unusual side effects from using Phen375. It’s possible you may need to use a specially formulated prescription medication to aid in your weight loss. One designed with your specific needs in mind. You may also want to avoid Phen375 if you are pregnant. Again, talk to your doctor.
  • Possible headaches: Misuse of the product may result in mild headaches or dizziness. Avoid this by following dosage instructions.

Keep in mind that sudden, drastic weight loss is not a desirable thing. Taking more than the recommended dose of Phen375 in order to lose weight faster is destined to be counterproductive. Stick to the recommended dosage, exercise, eat right and be patient.

Exploring Alternatives

We believe in keeping an open mind and that means considering possible alternative weight loss products. Because we’re convinced that Phen375 actually works the way it says it does the notion that you’ll need, or even want, to explore alternatives seems remote but we’ll take a look at a couple of alternatives anyway.

  • Fasting: Excess fat is caused by ingesting more energy than the body can use. When this happens this excess energy is stored by the body as fat. Starvation diets, otherwise known as fasting, have been around for thousands of years and will certainly work. Their main drawback however is that the “faster” typically doesn’t develop good habits necessary to keep the weight off and starving oneself often results in fatigue, depression, a lack of stamina and an unhealthy appearance. Most fasters put the weight back on quickly after breaking their fast.
  • Fad diets: You hear about them everywhere. Miracle diets that are going to slim you down and tone you up. Fad diets are really just a kind of designer fasting. They ask you to drastically curtail your calorie intake and dress it up as some sort of revolutionary approach to eating. It’s not. It’s just eating less. And here’s a question for you: Have you ever seen anyone trying to adhere to a celebrity or other type of fad diet that looked happy? Of course not. Starvation isn’t fun no matter how much you may like the celebrity endorser.
  • Other diet pills: There are only a handful of diet pills that actually work and even fewer that can be mentioned in the same breathe as Phen375. Perhaps one exception is Capsiplex™. Capsiplex has a decent reputation for its ability to boost energy levels and burn fat. Like Phen375 it uses Capsaicin to help it elevate the metabolism and convert fat energy into usable energy. Unlike Phen375 however, you are supposed to take Capsiplex immediately before working out, meaning that if you don’t want to spend hours at the gym Capsiplex will likely be of little help to your weight loss efforts. Nonetheless Capsiplex is sometimes promoted as an alternative to Phen375, but how do the two actually stack up in a side by side comparison? Let’s take a quick look and see.

Head to Head

Let’s take a look at how Phen375 stacks up against one of its main competitors, Capsiplex.

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5 Stars 4.6 / 5 Stars
Success Rate 82% 77.5% but contingent upon doing regular strenuous workouts
Action Effectively burns fat

Boosts metabolism

Suppresses appetite

Boosts metabolism

Increases energy

All-natural? Yes Yes
Side Effects None Mild


15-21 days Dependent on number and intensity of workouts
Optimal results 4-5 months Regular intense workouts required for optimal results
Administration 2 pills each day 1 pill ½ hour prior to workout
Money back guarantee? Yes – 45 days Yes – 60 days
Unit price $1.99 $1.05 (approx)


So there you have it. Capsiplex has shown results for those willing to commit to a strenuous workout regime and that’s great. But not everyone is willing or able to turn themselves into a gym rat and do 2 hour workouts every other day. For most people Phen375 is the smarter, more effective choice since it converts fat to energy more naturally and doesn’t require you to commit to an Olympic style training regime.

“In one month I dropped nearly 5kg and more than 8kg in 2 months. The product has worked brilliantly so I would recommend it highly to anybody who wants to lose weight.” El – London, UK

Where Can I Buy Phen375?

Phen375 is not available in stores. Its makers believe that distributing it through standard retail outlets would promote the proliferation of cheap, ineffective imitations. Since you can only procure it through the Phen375 official website you can be sure you’re always getting the real thing. Be forewarned as well that there are other websites that claim to sell Phen375 but none of them as of this writing are officially sanctioned resellers. Also, if you think you see this product on the shelf at GNC, Walmart or anywhere else accompanied by some flowery phen pill store reviews be sure to examine the label carefully. Chances are it’s an imitation dressed up to look like the real thing.

You can buy Phen375 online at their official website in varying quantities ranging from 30 pills to 120 pills at a time. Also, as your order size increases so does the number of complimentary doses you’ll receive. For instance if you order 60 tabs you’ll get a further 30 at no extra charge. And if you order 120 tabs you’ll receive 60 more absolutely free.

As we said earlier in this Phen375 review, it’s an amazing product and one of the most effective diet pills we’ve ever encountered. It works fast, it works naturally and it helps you build good habits that will enable you to keep the weight off once it’s gone: and shouldn’t that be the goal of any weight loss program? If you’re looking for a diet pill that really works, one that won’t require you to invest in long, exhaustive workouts or require you to starve yourself for weeks at a time, Phen375 is the diet pill for you.

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